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Northern Tides


“Northern Tides has completely transformed our lives.”

About Us

Northern Tides Speech and Language provides comprehensive outpatient speech and occupational therapy for adults and children with various types of neurological and progressive disorders. We work diligently with our patients and their families to generate a plan of care to maximize treatment potential.

“It is our commitment to you to instill self-confidence when communicating in your everyday social experiences. We believe that everyone’s voice deserves to be heard and that being able to express your thoughts is empowering. We promote the use of functional communication across all environments and settings.”

Our clinic hosts a sensory gym, feeding rooms, and quiet spaces to accommodate patients with a variety of needs.

“Going to high school just feels like a big transition - a new chapter.  But it just feels very nice after knowing I can make friends. I feel like I have a lot of friends right now thanks to Northern Tides.”

What We Treat


Kind Words

"After relapsing back into my stutter after over 10 years, Steve provided me with the strategies and training to control my stuttering symptoms. He gave me the confidence to live a normal life without the fear of a stutter. I cannot thank Steve enough for his help during our time together."
- Tony


Clinic Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sat - Sun


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